Professional translation is our core operation. We select our subcontractors carefully, and they all have great specialist knowledge and a sound background in their language pairs. Our agency then coordinates, organises and selects the team that is most suitable for your goals. We strive to establish personal relationships with our customers in order to place emphasis on aligning ourselves with their priorities. Meanwhile, you will also enjoy the benefits of native background thanks to our continuously improving international network of suppliers.

When you contact us we will clarify the details of the assignment with you:
  • the service you need;
  • the language you need translation from and into;
  • the subject and purpose of the text;
  • the deadline for which you need the translation.
Our colleague will clarify the details with you and outline several options, from which you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you. Once the order is confirmed we select the appropriate expert or set up the translation team according to the work schedule and conditions. Our colleague who takes care of your order will be at your disposal throughout the working process, to answer any questions you may have. We will keep open and ongoing communications with you to assure proper translation of company or sector-specific terms. We will deliver the end-product by the deadline or in instalments as agreed beforehand, and in the format you require. Within one week from the date of delivery we make necessary corrections and amendments free of charge. After this period we consider the end-product to be accepted.
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