Within interpretation, we offer services in the following four categories:

The escort interpreter speaks a foreign language at an expert level, and uses a special combination of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting to help those who speak a non-native language understand what is being said. The escort interpreter provides no specialist professional interpreting. We recommend this service typically for meetings, informal discussions, international fairs and other events as well as guided tours.
During consecutive interpreting the parties convey “thought segments”, of which the interpreter makes notes and then communicates the information in the target language. This form of interpretation is most commonly used at meetings, discussions and trainings when no interpreter device is used.
This is the most common form of interpreting at events and conferences where the audience is large or consists of speakers of several languages. The interpreters render the lecture delivered in the source language in real time. In order to reach the multilingual audience at the same time, they work in interpreter’s booths.
If you need a confidential document translated, one you do not wish to transfer to an external company, or if the contents or outcome of a business negotiation need to be recorded in a foreign language at the time of the meeting, on-site translation service is for you. We guarantee utmost confidentiality in both scenarios. At negotiations, on-site translation is similar to interpretation, but the text is recorded in writing any may be amended later.
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