Enter New Markets

Our language services include the translation of websites, web shops, software content and other applications. This is done in compliance with the requirements of the target market as well as analysis of the name of your product you wish to launch to a foreign market with view to linguistic and cultural characteristics. In cooperation with our IT team you can count on us to develop a multilingual content of your online platform.

A piece of software cannot be successful unless its use is easy to learn and the program messages are clear. It is not enough to translate the text segments that appear in the program, but the customs of the future users and slight cultural differences must also be taken into account. Localisation includes the adaptation of the text to market-specific requirements.
When expanding abroad, it is very important to ensure that the name of your product, along with the associated slogan and logo are in harmony with the cultural characteristics of the target country. Our analysis may help you ascertain that the expression you intend to use fits well into the mother tongue of the target group, and there are no negative experiences or connotations associated with it. Our evaluation helps your marketing team choose a suitable product name.
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