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Cég profil

  • Migal is a language service provider to support your daily operation as well as to help you accomplish large-scale projects. Our networks of qualified native speaker translators support you to grow your global sales.
  • We handle projects of various sizes, scopes and languages to support your international operations. Our workflow is closely tailored to the purpose of the text to be translated with timely, accurate, and cost-effective solutions.

Céljaink és alapelveink

We are at your disposal to support the growth of your company.

Ügyvezető igazgató

Dr. Patay Gábor
orvos doktor, Szent Györgyi Albert Orvostudományi Egyetem
megbízás kezdete: 2009. 01. 07.

A Migal mint brand 2000. július 1. óta jelent egyet a minőségi fordításokkal.

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